The Area
The sportive is held in the terrain around the Vejle and offers an array of varying experiences. The courses pass through Grejsdalen, run through spring-clad forests, along the Vejle Fjord and wind through the beautiful Vejle river valley. This sportive takes place in some of the most undulating, and therefore best cycling terrain in Denmark, it offers the opportunity of a great cycling experience for riders of any level.

38 kilometers – Family
Our new family course is for the whole family and offers four small climbs. Halfway you can enjoy the feed stop at Brunmosehallen.

85 kilometers – Challenge
The route is often used by cyclists who are riding their first cyclosportive or want to kickstart the season. There is one feed stop and the course offers  10 categorized hills of which the biggest challenge is at Tørskind Grusgrav.

140 kilometers – Mediofondo
The main challenge on this route is probably one of the most famous cycling hills in Denmark: Munkebjerg. There are two feed stops on the course, which caters to the experienced cyclist.

210 kilometers – Spring Classic
This super parcours is the ultimate spring challenge with 27 categorized short but steep hills, totalling nearly 2500 m of climbing. The finish line is at the top of the final climb “Gl Kongevej” with gradients over 20% in the heart of Vejle. Before embarking on this route, you must have completed a sensible spring training, as it is a very tough challenge for even well-trained and experienced cyclists. A small gearing, for example 34-27, is recommended for most riders, as it is very hilly. There is a total of three feed stops on the course.

The roads are open. Participants MUST obey the highway code/traffic laws and be mindful of other road users.

GPSies route38 km track - Grejsdalsløbet 2019GPSies 38 km 2019 course
GPSies route85 km track - Grejsdalsløbet 2019GPSies 85 km 2019 course
GPSies route140 km track - Grejsdalsløbet 2019GPSies 140 km 2019 course
GPSies route210 km track - Grejsdalsløbet 2019GPSies 210 km 2019 course