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Have you experienced Vejle from its most beautiful side? Probably only from the fantastic roads the Grejsdalsloebet sportive uses every year. We are talking about the less used gravel roads and forest trails hidden in the beautiful countryside!

Saturday of May 9th, 2020 you can take part in a 75 km long gravel race, offering lots of nature and the beautiful old ice age landscape. The race starts in Vejle with a rolling start, from. 11.00 to 12.00 the GPS track curves through the river valley to Frederikshåb plantation and back towards Vejle. Along the way we cross several historical sites, with traces dating back to the time of the Vikings.

In the Gravel adventure you may use Gravel-, Cross- or MTB bikes. Road bikes are not advised.

We also offer a family ride of about 20 km from 9 am. Take the children on bike- and gravel trails in the area around Vejle. This ride can be completed on normal roadbikes.

The route contains 500 meters of climbing, and a distribution of 20% tarmac and 80% gravelroads and forest trails. After 50 km we have a large feedstop with cakes and refreshments for those in need, however we recommend that you bring plenty of liquid and energy on the bike. After the race, a hot meal is served to all Gravel Grinders / participants in the target area. We close the finish line at 6pm and food service at 7pm.

The race is a “self supported” race, which means you have to bring extra tubes, tools and other necessary equipment in case of technical issues. However, we will make sure that you are not left out on the route if things go wrong.

The event is timed, but it is not a race. There are plenty of prizes, but they are drawn at random.

For those who can’t get enough of the beautiful scenery around Vejle, you can also sign up for our Sunday Road Race! Don’t miss this special experience and challenge. If you are already registered for the Grejsdalsløbet you can then register for the Grejsdalsløbet Gravel.

We are looking forward to sending you off on the 9th of May in the Grejsdalsloebet Gravel and 10 May in the Grejsdalsloebet sportive from DGI-huset in Vejle.

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